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Every 2 minutes someone in the US breaks their hip. For National Osteoporosis Month this May, TAKE 2 MINUTES and take action to stop a fragility fracture. Take 2 Actions Today: Check out what our members are doing for National Osteoporosis Month. Visit and help spread the word! Spread the word by using #TAKE2MINUTES and #NATIONALOSTEOPOROSISMONTH in all of your social media posts this month

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Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 15:00

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ARLINGTON, VA - The statistics on osteoporosis-related bone breaks are alarming and will only get worse as the Baby Boomer population continues aging. Currently someone in the US breaks their hip every two minutes. It costs $19 billion annually to treat fractures among seniors (a figure projected to increase to over $25 billion by the year 2025), yet the majority of patients are released without being evaluated for osteoporosis — the underlying disease which may have led to the fracture.  



Take Action to Improve Post Fracture Care for National Osteoporosis Month


The National Bone Health Alliance (NBHA) Issues Call to Action for its Partners and Healthcare Providers to Take 2 Minutes Each Day in May to Help Close the Current Osteoporosis Treatment Gap



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